Czech Republic Study Program

The Overseas Study Program in the Czech Republic, under the umbrella of the CGES, will again take a select group of undergraduate and graduate students to the Czech Republic this spring.

Professors Tim Keaveny (management) and Peter Toumanoff (CGES co-director) are the coordinators of the long-running and highly regarded program. Peter Toumanoff states: This course provides students the opportunity to study a wide range of international business issues, with the focus on Central Europe and the Czech Republic.  Marquette University (MU) and University of West Bohemia (UWB) faculty will jointly teach the course (in English).  About two-thirds of the students will be from Marquette University and about one-third from the University of West Bohemia.

The course format consists of 3 preparatory classes at Marquette University. Then the class takes a ten-day trip to the Czech Republic during Spring break, where there is a combination of lectures, company visits, and social & cultural activities organized by our Czech hosts, including a weekend excursion to Prague.  Later in Spring semester (early April) the Czech students visit Marquette University for a similar set of activities, hosted by Marquette students and faculty.  Course requirements include a quiz, a take-home exam, and a group project presentation and paper (to be completed by international teams consisting of both UWB and MU students).

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2013 Applied Global Business Learning Trip to India

Eight Marquette University students were led by Dr. David Clark of the Department of Economics and Ms. Beth Krey, Assistant Director of the Center for Supply Chain Management on a two week study trip to India during the first two weeks of January 2013.  The purpose of the trip was to serve as business consultants to several business enterprises in India.

The group first traveled to St. Xavier’s College in Ahmedabad where the students evaluated the operations of two student-run companies.  These companies are made up of science students who seek to gain some insights into how modern companies are run.  The first of these so-called Industrial Training Units (ITU’s) is the XPlant company, which is comprised of biotechnology students.  XPlant specializes in plant propagation and sells a decorative plant that is grown in a controlled test-tube environment.  The second ITU is named XOIC (pronounced zoyk) which stands for Xavier’s Organization of Industrial Chemistry.  XOIC is made up chemistry students who specialize in the production of various gel candle products.

The group then traveled to Dediapada, a village in rural Gujarat where they examined the Aadi Aushadhi cooperative.  Aadi Aushadhi is a group of rural farmers who are growing medicinal plants that are used in traditional medicines as well as in various food products.  Finally, the group traveled to New Delhi and visited a St. Vincent DePaul parish in a slum area to evaluate the V-Care cooperative.  V-Care is a self-help group established by the parish and comprised of young women who have learned various skills including sewing/tailoring, jewelry making, and candle making. Through V-Care, they are producing high quality products that when sold, effectively supplement their family income.

For each of these enterprises, the Marquette students evaluate their current state of operations and then they make recommendations as to how to further improve the operations of the business, especially as they relate to the sales and marketing of products.  A formal report is completed in the semester after the trip and delivered to the respective organizations.

The group also took a day trip to the Taj Mahal, and experienced one of the true man-made Wonders of the World.  Everyone agreed that the trip was a great success marked by new friends, excellent food, lots of chaotic traffic and memories that will last a lifetime.

The students and chaperones are pictured in front of the Taj Mahal with our Delhi host, Mr. Ajay Dewan, (a 1980 Marquette MBA).  Clockwise from the right front row are:  Claire Garrova, Beth Krey, Laura Malandra, Lauren LaLuz, Ajay Dewan, Alice Olgles, David Riedel, David Clark, Jahred Zmolek, Ben Clark and Krista Worzalla.

If you would like to sponsor a student’s participation in Global Business Learning and help us promote our mission of applied business learning in the Jesuit tradition, please contact Joseph Daniels at

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82nd Annual Conference of the Southern Economics Association

The Center for Global and Economic Studies continued its tradition of sending students of Marquette University’s Master of Science in Applied Economics to important regional economics conferences. This year, the CGES sponsored Angela Schrubbe and Brian Jones. In November, the two graduate students attended the 82nd annual conference of the southern Economics Association in New Orleans. Brian and Angela attended sessions and participated in a session titled “Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Volatility, and the Location of Firm Choice.”

The session was organized by Andreas Buehn of Utrecht University. Professor Buehn has participated in session with Marquette’s MSAE students before and remarked:

“Joseph Daniels and myself organized two sessions at the International Atlantic Economic Society Annual Meeting in Prague in April 2010 and the Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association in New Orleans in November 2012. In both sessions Marquette students discussed my papers; thanks to their insightful and substantial feedbacks I was able to improve the papers in the right direction. The successful session and the helpful comments I received from Marquette students are surely the reason why the paper presented in Prague has finally been published in Applied Economics.”

This activity is an important part of preparing our students to complete research, write effectively, and speak in front of international audiences. Because of the quality of their participation, students past and present have been outstanding representatives of Marquette University and the College of Business Administration. If you would like to sponsor a student’s participation at an economics conference, please contact Joseph Daniels at

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2011 Applied Global Business Learning trip

For the second year in a row, the Applied Global Business Learning (AGBL) program sent students to St. Xavier’s College, a Jesuit university in Ahmedabad, India. The AGBL program is supported by the Center for Global and Economic Studies.

This year’s trip took place during the first two weeks of January 2011, and included nine students, (Mr. Mike Hallberg, Mr. Nick Leak, Ms. Emma Lynch, Ms. Jasmine Madlock, Ms. Karen Martinez, Mr. Ryan Mehaffey, Mr. Mark Mueller, Mr. Emery Nelson and Ms. Kelsey Siebert) and their faculty advisors (Dr. David Clark and Dr. Steven Crane). The team consulted on two St. Xavier’s student run companies. The XPlant company is located in St. Xavier’s Biotechnology department, and it produces a decorative desktop plant cloned from plant tissue and sealed in a sterile test tube. The XOIC company is in the Chemistry department and it produces chemical products ranging from cleaning soap to decorative candles. Both companies are run by enthusiastic hard-working students and the Marquette team examined issues ranging from product development and safety to sales and marketing and made numerous recommendations to improve the operations of these companies.

The team also traveled to Bhiloda and Dediapada in rural India to provide business expertise to two new startups being sponsored by the St. Xavier’s Jesuits. In Bhiloda, a project supervised by Fr. Vincent Braganza, President of St. Xavier’s College is underway to empower women villagers by having them grow flowers in a greenhouse setting. These flowers which can be grown year round are then sold to visitors to local religious temples which generates a steady income source for their families. A second project located in Dediapada, a rural village in northwestern India is overseen by Fr. Lancy d’Cruz. This project encourages rural Indians to grow, market and sell high margin medicinal products from indigenous plant species. This effort protects local forests by limiting the foraging of indigenous species, and uses sustainable methods to grow these plants in small, easily irrigated farm plots. The project keeps the Adavasi (i.e., tribal) Indians on their land, and just as important, their children in school rather than necessitating that they migrate to urban areas for work during certain times of the year. In both of these projects, the Marquette students analyzed their markets and helped the two groups develop marketing plans for their products.

The AGBL team and driver/translater Edwin at the inauguration of the Bhiloda greenhouse.

All who participated in this trip came back enlightened by the experience, and inspired by those they met on the trip. The AGBL Program Director, Dr. Heather Kohls is already working on the next India trip to New Delhi and Ahmedabad, scheduled for January of 2012.

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Team-Econ Takes 7th Place in 2010 Al’s Run

This year Team Econ scorched its way to 7th place out of 43 registered teams for the 8K Al’s Run event. Team-Econ was led by undergrad Patrick Malloy who recorded a final time of 30:28. (For us humans that is a 6:07 mile pace.) MSAE students David Keppen and Ben Petry finished second and third for the team (respectively) notching times of 36:23 and 40:59. Alum Steven Names secured the fifth place spot on the team. As Keppen stated, “Malloy has some quick!”


Though the team finish was impressive, it still didn’t match the unbroken team record of best post-race tailgate. Please join us next year for Al’s Run. All speeds are welcomed and fun is guaranteed.

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2010 Marburg Memorial Lecture

Dr. Robert Putnam, Peter and Isabel Malkin Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University was the CGES and Department of Economics 2010 Marburg Memorial Lecturer. The lecture was held on November 3 in the Weasler Auditorium on the Marquette campus with over 350 guests, students, and faculty in attendance.

In his lecture, Dr. Putnam discussed American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us, his recent co-authored (with David E. Campbell of Notre Dame University) text on religion in America and its impact on social capital and politics. Earlier the same day, Professor Putnam and Professor Daniels, co-director of the CGES, were interviewed for the Marquette Difference Network. The interview is in two parts, both of which can be watched at  The Difference Network.

The London Sunday Times has called Robert Putnam “the most influential academic in the world today.”  Putnam is the author or coauthor of ten previous books, translated into twenty languages, including the bestselling Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community and Better Together: Restoring the American Community, a study of new forms of social connectedness.  He has worked on these themes with Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush, as well as with British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and many other national leaders and grassroots activists around the world.

Putnam is the founder of the Saguaro Seminar, which brings together leading thinkers and practitioners from across America to develop actionable ideas for civic renewal.  His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and many other publications.

For more information on the Marburg Memorial Lecture Series, visit the Marburg Lecture webpage at the CGES.

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Alum Speaks at Research Workshop

On November 22 Michael Strain, Ph.D. candidate from Cornell, spoke at a Department of Economics Research Workshop sponsored by the CGES. The title of the presentation was “The Role of Ability in Understanding earnings Instability.” Approximately 30 undergraduate students, MSAE students and faculty attended the presentation. Using longitudinal data, Mike showed that the variability in earnings followed a “U” shape across income categories with volatility rising at both ends of the distribution. The work was preliminary in nature and Mike explained his next steps, using new and additional research data to establish the role of individual ability in explaining the pattern.



Mike is a graduate of Marquette with a B.A. in economics. He also has a master’s degree from NYU and served as a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Earlier in the day Mike took the 2010 Fed Challenge team to lunch.

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CGES Hosts Sixth Annual Dinner

The CGES hosted its sixth annual fall dinner for economics students, faculty, and alumni. This year the dinner was held on November 17th at the Wisconsin Club on the edge of the Marquette Campus.

The purpose of the dinner is to bring together students of the three undergraduate majors, graduate students, past graduates of these programs, and faculty, for dinner and discussion. The dinner concludes with the alumni forming a panel to discuss their career paths and answer questions from students regarding coursework and preparation for the job market.

The dinner is “business casual” and gives students some practice on their soft skills. Students must also present a resume for admission to the event.

Undergraduate Business Economics major, Angela Schrubbe said of the event: “I thought the dinner was extremely beneficial. I had an opportunity to speak to alumni and current students of the MSAE program and build relationships that will enhance my future career path. The dinner allowed me to gain insight regarding different classes and it also illustrated how applicable the degree is. I learned that there are various jobs that find the degree to be a useful tool, and it will also help develop future success.”

If you are a graduate of the economics program and would like to attend the dinner next fall, please contact Professor Joe Daniels at

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